Sharp DS Central Coast – proud to be local

Sharp DS Central Coast is the largest locally owned and operated supplier of printers, copiers, faxes and scanning devices on the NSW Central Coast.

Your one-stop-shop for document imaging

As one of the largest document imaging solution companies in NSW, we stock and service Australia’s leading print, copy, fax and scanning device brands:

More technicians in the field means less down time for you

We have more local technicians in the field than any other document solution provider on the Central Coast, in Sydney or Newcastle. This allows us to deliver faster service call response times resulting in less down time and greater productivity for your business.

Saving you time & money

Because every business is different, we offer an audit on your existing copy and print equipment in order to recommend the most cost effective and time saving document imaging solutions to suit your needs.

Contact Us to arrange an obligation free audit of your existing document imaging equipment.


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