Warranty & Service Agreements


We have a warranty, why do we need a service agreement.?

The best way to answer this is just how important is it for you to have your office equipment running all the time?


Warranty for your equipment is provided by the manufacturer. And thus the warranty is controlled by the manufacturer.

For Example. Under a warranty situation, whether it be a fridge microwave or photocopier  you would contact the supplier who sold you the equipment and explain the error. The supplier then needs to contact the manufacturer with the fault and wait for approval before attending the service call. If the machine requires parts (assuming the manufacturer decides to cover the part)  the part is sent within a day or so and the supplier comes back to fit the part when it arrives. This whole process can take between 24 hours to 4 days depending on the manufacturer and availability of the parts they send. You also have to purchase all toner and consumables separately.


A service agreement on your equipment with Sharp DS covers you for fast responsive onsite or instant remote support when it is needed. We do not require manufacturer approval before attending service calls and most service calls have a technician within 2 hours onsite. Most Parts for your equipment are kept in stock and normally in a technician vehicle.

If a machine is deemed to be unusable for more than 24 hours a loan machine is supplied at no cost.

Toner, all parts, service calls and maintenance calls are all covered